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Gemini Horoscope: April 2017

Rethinking your strategy

Key changes are happening for you energetically this month. Before you get to that, you'll need to spend some time in April reconsidering how much value you're really giving to your chosen profession. Are you meeting your goals, or are you falling short? Is there any disappointment from a higher up about your delivery or the quality of your performance lately? If so, you'll have an opportunity to rectify the situation as soon as you become aware of it.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, will turn retrograde on April 9, and will not turn direct until May 3. As a result, you may want to hold off from making any vital decisions. Revise existing contracts or negotiations, but don't initiate anything brand new. This will be a valuable time to polish up any ideas you have about your finances, but keep your insights to yourself for now. You may have an opportunity to reconnect with an old friend after April 20.

In terms of your love life, if you're dating someone special, it's possible that you'll realize you're madly in love with each other near April 11. Another possibility is that you'll have baby news to share.

The headline news for you this month will not happen until the April 21, but it's SO worth waiting for. At this time, Mars, the planet of action and energy, will move into your sign for the first time in nearly two years. Until June 4 you'll have exceptional zeal to pursue whatever it is that you want to succeed most. Go for it!

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