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Leo Horoscope: April 2017

Keep your nose to the grindstone

You might have to spend time during the first half of April taking care of a tax matter or other financial snafu. Perhaps you'll hear news that an investment hasn't paid off as generously as you anticipated. Or, you might learn that you owe more in fees, interest, or penalties for a loan or other type of credit that is coming due. Even if it feels jarring, you'll take care of it by April 15.

Professionally, you might need to hit the books, and it may be harder than you think. If you are required to study for a license or certification in order to get ahead in your career, you might be hard at work doing this from April 9-May 3. This might even be a recertification that you need to take due to a license expiring. You might have trouble concentrating, but understand that this is a necessary stepping stone to help you get to the next level of success you're after. A gorgeous New Moon in your career sector on April 26 promises opportunity. Prepare for it now.

You may hear fulfilling news about a contract on April 11.

Your social life will pick up speed after April 21. In fact, until June 4 you might have more on your calendar than you can handle. Prioritize.

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