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Libra Horoscope: April 2017

Taking inventory of your life

Re-examining your values connected to the work you do will be a theme from April 2-15 as Venus retrogrades into your 6th House of Employment. During this time, you might consider whether you are simply going through the motions of your job and are essentially asleep at the wheel, or if you're consciously delivering the best value you can. If a revision is needed, this is the time to recognize it and change any pattern that might be chipping away at your self-worth. On a mundane level, it's possible that you and a colleague will work through any difficulty you may have connected to working together.

A Full Moon in your sign on April 11 will be especially significant. Your emotions are out in the open during this time, and you may feel ready to shed what no longer serves you. This can be anything from an unhealthy personality trait or habit to an actual relationship or goal. Sit still with your emotions during this time in order to recognize what changes must happen in order to clear the decks and prepare for a new chapter in your life story.

A financial mistake can be caught -- and rectified -- after April 9. While Mercury is retrograde in your 8th House of Shared Resources, you may also want to take a deeper look at your portfolio and re-evaluate your long term financial strategies. After April 20-May 3, Mercury will retrograde through your partnership sector. Unfinished business between you and your mate will come up again for review.

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