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April 2018 Love Horoscope

Climbing the mountain of love

You might be able to get whatever you want in life and love early in the month through sheer grit and determination. A solid conjunction between Mars and Saturn in Capricorn on April 2 offers a sticktoitiveness that's hard to beat. Although it might not be an easy mountain to climb, if you've decided your relationship is worth it, you will push forward tirelessly until you've triumphed. With Venus trine Saturn on April 7, triumph you will.

Romance gets sweeter on April 11 and April 12 thanks to the cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, engaging in a passionate embrace along with Venus at a sweet sextile to Neptune. Things will get hot and heavy between you and your lover and you'll feel as if you're starting in your very own romantic movie. Nice!

The New Moon in Aries along with Mercury turning direct on April 15 might rattle any ability you have to compromise with your mate. It's not the most cooperative energy at this time, but it's great for initiating what you really want. Go for yours!

Venus heads into chatty Gemini on April 24, making love more about logic than feelings. This head-over-heart approach will serve you well through May 19. Sometimes, it pays to think things through before you give your heart away.

The month closes down with a beautiful Full Moon in Scorpio. Profound emotional depth is available for you and your love. Feel it.

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