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Aquarius Love Horoscope for April 2018

A love buffet

Your love life might be all private and cozy the first half of the month, but don't rest on your laurels -- it's not going to stay calm for long. Even so, between April 7 and April 11, it's very likely that you and your sweetheart will be nestled up on the couch together, snuggled up under the covers more, or even enjoying a cozy retreat away from your usual chaotic lifestyle. Venus will be in your home and family sector, making solid links to both Mars and Saturn, which are now in your 12th House of Privacy. You may not feel as if you have an overabundance of energy, but you'll certainly have enough to use under wraps with your lover. You might even be quietly planning to purchase a home or move in with your partner if you aren't already living together.

After the April 24, however, there is a major shift. Venus will sail into your 5th House of Pleasure and True Love where she'll remain until May 19. If you're completely single, then this is going to wake up your romantic prospects in the most exciting way. In fact, you're likely to have multiple dating options. Yes, even if you've had a dry spell. Suddenly it might feel as if everyone wants you!

If you're in a relationship, it's possible that you and your partner might be ready to try for a baby. Do twins run in either one of your families? If so, that is a distinct possibility.

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