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Leo Love Horoscope for April 2018

Social butterfly

For the first half of the month you might be all work and no play -- unless you can manage to integrate your love life with your profession. If, for example, you and your sweetheart work together, then you might be quite busy on a major project for your company. Even if you don't work together, it's possible that you'll both be strongly focused on climbing the ladder of success in your respective industries and will enjoy an unparalleled level of support. Beautiful romantic potential is a result of your ambitious natures. Even if that doesn't sound like a turn-on, it will definitely turn into one. Pay attention to sparks flying between April 11 and April 14 as you celebrate a career win. It'll be quite steamy!

On April 24, Venus moves into your 11th House of Community, opening up a plethora of romantic opportunities if you're single. Until May 19, you're likely to notice that you have plenty of options when it comes to dating and pleasure. The people you meet will all be so interesting and fun that it might be quite difficult to choose one specific person to focus on, which is fine because dating is meant to be a time of exploration. Spend time getting to know the potential partners the universe has placed in your life and don't worry so much about narrowing it down to that one special someone. When your heart speaks you to, you'll know it's time to listen.

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