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Scorpio Love Horoscope for April 2018

Over the moon

You're in a good place when it comes to your love life this month, Scorpio, so go ahead and smile. Hey, you've had your share of drama and heartbreak, so enjoy the cosmic blessings that the universe plans to throw your way now. Just remember not to take them for granted because in life, as you know, the only thing that's constant is change.

For now, however, it's all good. Venus will remain in your partnership sector through April 24 and will make dazzling links to Saturn, Mars, and Neptune between April 7 and April 12. She'll also connect perfectly to Pluto, your ruling planet, on April 17. All these delicious love links suggest that you and your partner are able to communicate beautifully about your relationship and the practical matters of your life together. If you are dating someone new, then it's possible you'll find yourselves in a discussion about a commitment of some type sooner rather than later. You might also be involved in a creative endeavor with your sweetheart that leaves you feeling quite inspired.

From April 24 through May 19, you might hear fortunate news about your spouse or partner's finances. Also likely is that you will experience greater erotic pleasures together … or at least find yourselves more willing to talk about intimate matters.

Finally, a Full Moon in your sign on April 29 will help you to communicate your emotions in a stable way. You'll feel safe revealing your vulnerable side, and for you, that's a very big deal.

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