Aquarius Monthly Horoscope: April 2019

Being brave enough to speak up about matters you prefer to keep quiet is a big deal and, although not easy, might be extremely healing. After April 5 you might do this in a way that actually sets you free. One example would be that you are in therapy and your therapist gently prods you to discuss old wounds you'd rather ignore. After the initial discomfort of opening up, you'll realize how much better you feel talking it out.

Your family life will be anything but quiet near April 22. The Sun and Uranus will connect in a way that might shatter your domestic security or wake you up to new and exciting possibilities in your living situation. Your best bet? Accept that change is coming and ride the wave.

On April 20 Venus will move into your message sector and you'll definitely have love on the brain. A major decision about your love life is possible. Have that conversation you've been afraid of with your partner -- you won't regret it.

Aquarius' key themes for April: discussing secrets, brave communication, new communication, writing, speaking, contracts, negotiation, domestic shakeup, sudden family change, romantic decision