Aries Monthly Horoscope: April 2019

You're ready for takeoff ... but something is keeping you grounded. A New Moon in your sign on April 5 will help usher in the energy for a major personal fresh start. You're ready to revamp your life and identity in the direction you know you're meant to be heading. The problem? Saturn and Pluto will harshly square this New Moon, suggesting that as you do this the struggle will be real. Very real. Obstacles might come up that test your mettle as you try to forge ahead with whatever new beginning you have in mind. That's OK, Aries. You do love a challenge. You've got this.

Relationship matters will be extra emotional near the Full Moon on April 19. You might be ready to seal the deal with someone you've been with for a while. This commitment can be anything from starting to date exclusively to getting married, depending on the current stage of your romance.

Whether you're single or attached, after April 20 Venus moving through your sign assures that you'll be hot stuff. Work it!

Aries' key themes for April: initiative, pioneering, new start, commitment, sexy, self-directed, challenge, tests, attractive, magnetic