Pisces Monthly Horoscope: April 2019

You'll have an opportunity to earn more money through entrepreneurial efforts in April thanks to a New Moon on the 5th. The only downside to this is that you'll probably need to make a hefty investment before you actually see any return. Fortunately, after April 20 you'll begin to see that influx of cash. Push through the initial drudgework of getting this new revenue stream set up. It'll be worth it.

Around April 20 you might pay off a major debt such as a hefty credit card bill, car or student loan, or even your mortgage. You'll be ready to celebrate!

You've got gorgeous prospects for love and social fun through April 20 thanks to Venus still moving through your sign. From April 10-14 Venus will make gorgeous connections in the sky to Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto. You'll be able to enchant anyone with a love spell that has the power to last.

Pisces' key themes for April: money, resources, income, entrepreneur, debt, credit, loan, beautiful, mystical, hypnotic