Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope: April 2019

Your love life is about to get interesting. And frustrating. It looks like you'll have a definite possibility for romance thanks to the New Moon on April 5. The trouble, however, is that you might realize that the price you'll need to pay for this love is just way too much. In fact, do you really want to break the bank of your self-worth profile in order to get this person to love you? Place restrictions on how much you'll give early into a romance, otherwise you'll risk feeling extremely excited ... and then depleted.

Fortunately, this cycle will pass come April 20, and it actually looks very promising for love by then, as Venus moves into your true love sector. Hmmm ... maybe if you're willing to set up some initial ground rules with this person and stick to them, he or she will realize that you are a freaking god or goddess after all. Let this person earn you. You're worth it.

In other news, a friend might really need your support -- especially on the 19th. You'll be extra sensitive to his or her needs. Also, a major change at work is likely near April 22. Be ready for anything.

Sagittarius' key themes for April: self-worth, self-respect, the price of love, money, sex, dating, affair, romance, creativity, work shake-up