Scorpio Monthly Horoscope: April 2019

A new work opportunity is coming your way, but it looks like you'll be struggling to get the compensation you want. It's likely that you'll receive a job, however, they might lowball you on salary or tell you that you'll need to accept less money because you're not completely qualified.

Another possibility is that you will decide that it's time to invest in yourself professionally. You might put money into a freelance career and start to advertise your services more. In this case, knowing that it takes money to make money will help get you past the initial hurdle.

Your love life gets really interesting in April. If you're single, after April 20 someone you work with might boldly express interest. In fact, this person might start to openly flirt with you and not care at all who else notices. On April 22 the Sun and Uranus will join forces in your partnership sector. If you're attached already, then there might be a sudden urge for freedom. This might be as simple as allowing each other some space. Don't take it personally.

Scorpio's key themes for April: work, job offer, money crunch, frugal, office romance, free love, freedom, separation