Taurus Monthly Horoscope: April 2019

In order to achieve complete emotional freedom, you must let go of something that has defined you for a long time. You'll realize around April 5 that you've been counter-creating rather than manifesting. In one breath you declare one thing, and in the next you allow your subconscious fear to diminish your declaration. It won't be easy, but this problem needs to be rectified.

An ending to a work-related matter is possible near the Full Moon on April 19. You might leave a job or find out that one of your colleagues is moving on. It will also be a perfect time to put the spotlight on your health. Get rid of a bad habit. Let go of what is keeping you from optimal health.

The Sun will be conjunct Uranus in Taurus on April 22, creating a major buzz -- including in your love life. You crave a relationship with someone who can love you into freedom, not cages. Living in the unknown spaces and feeling excited, rather than terrified of this, is your greatest lesson now, Taurus.

Taurus' key themes for April: facing fears, letting go, health, work, major change, surprise, upheaval, shock, excitement