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August 2013 Horoscope

August is rich with innovation, but the price to pay for being ahead of the pack may be finding yourself alone. The willingness to venture off into uncharted territory could result in feelings of isolation, as if others cannot understand you. Yet the rewards for playing by your own rules may be worth the price.

August opens with Sun in creative Leo, a zodiac sign where being bold and a little brash is to be expected. Even if you're a bit shy, pushing yourself forward to express your ideas is a healthy exercise. Sociable Venus, however, is in discreet and practical Virgo until August 16, signaling the need to blend practicality into the social and professional mix. Respecting the emotional limits and fears of others is especially useful on August 2, when Venus sidles up in a sweet sextile to normally aggressive Mars, which is made tender while in sensitive Cancer.

The Leo Sun's favorable trine with inventive Uranus on August 4 is a preview of the creative forces that will be unleashed with the New Moon two days later. The positive alignment of the planet of revolution with this Sun-Moon conjunction produces intellectual and, perhaps, romantic fireworks. But connecting these brainstorms and erotic impulses with others requires subtlety and savvy to keep from pushing people away.

Feelings grow more dramatic as expansive Jupiter's opposition to volcanic Pluto on August 7 intensifies this highly expressive lunation. There's a tendency to go to extremes in both positive and negative directions. Obsession, mistrust and unbridled emotions can make cooperation and compromise more difficult. This influence starts rising a week earlier and lasts at least a week after August 7. Fanaticism and fatalism are likely, but putting desire into a worthy cause channels the Jupiter-Pluto opposition in a positive way.

Mental Mercury's entry into theatrical Leo on August 8 keeps these fires burning until a breakthrough or breakdown occurs around Jupiter's challenging square with rebellious Uranus on August 21. If defensiveness grows due to feelings of uncertainty, consider making small changes in your life to blow off steam until you get a useful plan or vision in which to pour your passion.

Intolerance is a risk, as the desire for absolute answers makes it harder to listen to others and to make compromises. Still, the potential brilliance and vision of these Jupiter transits have the potential to come into more practical forms when the Sun and Mercury enter utilitarian Virgo on August 22-23. There's a narrowing of focus that can help regain a sense of proportion, yet resistance to bringing emotions and ideas down to reasonable levels puts stress on relationships.

Venus' tense square with underworld lord Pluto on August 24 and its square with freedom-loving Uranus on August 26 threaten stability and reason in financial and social areas. Being torn between common sense and exasperation stirs the pot in personal and professional partnerships. Yet taking on one small issue at a time is an excellent way to avoid explosions and to carefully build a stairway to relationship heaven.

Romance may rule on August 27, with Venus' square to excessive Jupiter and while macho Mars strides into Leo. This can be a fun and creative time if we don't take ourselves too seriously and do our best to enjoy life as a game to be played rather than a battle to be won.

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