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August 2013 Career Horoscope

Consider a Change

The Sun is in creative Leo until August 22, encouraging innovation and risk-taking in professional matters. It's helpful to start by carefully examining your long-term goals, because some changes may be in order.

Visionary Jupiter, Astrology's traditional planet of good fortune, opposes deep diving Pluto on August 7, which can raise some serious questions about career ambitions. This aspect, which is in effect about five days before and after August 7, signals the need for passion at work. If it's missing, frustration may mount and present itself in the form of power struggles or resentment about lack of rewards and recognition.

Pluto is the planet of addition by subtraction, which means that eliminating an unrealistic goal or recognizing that you won't be fulfilled in your current profession or job requires you to seriously consider a career change. Attraction to a cause can be a positive motivating factor, encouraging you to be more active in promoting your beliefs.

But even if you're caught in a sticky situation where your options are limited, there's a good chance your perspective will change within five days of August 21, when Jupiter squares surprising Uranus. This is a time of breakthroughs and discoveries for those open to new ideas, but it has a potential for breakdowns and chaos for those who aren't.

The Sun's shift into pragmatic Virgo on August 22, followed there by mental Mercury on August 23, puts feet solidly on the ground to facilitate skill development, discipline and focusing on one task at a time.

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