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August 2013 Love Horoscope

Under a Microscope

Dealing with practical matters is a key to making relationships work during the first half of August. The love planet, Venus, occupies pragmatic Virgo until August 16, which is more concerned with efficiency than romance. Yet Eros can arise after a job well done because feelings of competence encourage intimacy now. Virgo is also a sign of maintenance, making this a good time to take better care of our bodies. Eating a healthier diet may not sound sexy but it's amazing how exciting relationships can become when we're in better shape.

The downside of Venus in Virgo is excess criticism. The analytical eye of this Earth sign can focus on the tiniest of flaws, but we need to keep a sense of proportion so avoid letting a minor detail undermine self-confidence or our affection for someone else.

Venus enters her airy home sign Libra on August 16, which usually signals a smoother road to love. That's because Libra is a sign of objectivity and balance that epitomizes harmonious relationships. And while the capacity to resolve issues by meeting others halfway increases during this transit, there's a notably bumpy period near the end of the month.

Venus forms a stressful square with suspicious Pluto on August 24 and an explosive opposition to independent Uranus on August 26 when we may be feeling less cooperative or attract extreme individuals. This is likely to stir up issues that rattle relationships, yet bringing needs for independence, innovation or desire to the surface can provide a necessary shakeup to radically transform our personal lives.

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