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Aquarius Horoscope: August 2013

Diplomatic Measures

Relationships are front and center this month with the New and Full Moons activating your 1st House of Self and 7th House of Partnerships. On August 6, the self-confident Leo New Moon lands in your 7th house, which widens the field for finding creative personal and professional alliances.

Uncontainable Uranus's favorable trine to this lunation spurs breakthroughs in current unions and shows you unusual ways to make new friends. Expect strong emotions and increased sensitivity on August 20 when the brilliant Aquarius Full Moon illuminates your 1st house. You can easily enchant others, since mystical Neptune conjuncts this lunation. You may wander off into fantasyland and fail to see individuals you meet as they really are, but being more forgiving and sympathetic is a healthier expression of this pattern.

Battles over beliefs could break out with the first of three oppositions between opinionated Jupiter and propagandist Pluto on August 7. Don't lock yourself into a fixed position; Jupiter's square with unexpected Uranus on August 21can suddenly shift your point of view. The philosophical and strategic issues triggered by these transits won't settle until their final aspects on April 20, 2014.

You'll enjoy better relations with intellectual adversaries, though, with Venus's entry into diplomatic Libra and your 9th House of Higher Mind on August 16. However, principles give way to pragmatism as the Sun and Mercury enter earthy Virgo and your 8th House of Intimacy on the August 22 and 23. Picking through the details of relationships can seem tedious and petty, but this planetary shift suggests that the future success of important partnerships requires careful analysis of your mutual needs and expectations.

Keep in Mind this Month

Being flexible enough to adjust from making plans for the future to addressing the nuts and bolts of the present is essential for creating more effective alliances.

Key Dates for Aquarius


August 1-4: Reversal of Fortune

On August 1, a pair of persnickety quincunxes could put you on edge. Power struggles are stirred by the Sun's irritating misalignment with Pluto, and social unease accompanies Venus's uncomfortable connection with Uranus. But better news follows on the 2nd, when graceful Venus's smooth sextile to bold Mars provides the charm and social skills you need to transform awkward moments into playful or romantic ones. The thrilling Sun-Uranus trine on August 4 offers you the chance to maintain your freedom of expression while collaborating with a brilliant partner.

August 22: Free Your Mind

Nervous energy and intellectual restlessness could be high as cerebral Mercury forms stressful angles with electrifying Uranus and judgmental Jupiter. Concentration is difficult when the flow of information is constantly interrupted. Yet if you can relax enough to remain flexible and open-minded, exciting discoveries offer unexpected answers and create surprising new connections.

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