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Aquarius Love Horoscope: August 2013

Check Your Tongue

Relationships take a more prominent role in your life this month. August opens with the life giving Sun in extraverted Leo and your 7th House of Partners. This can add drama in a current alliance or attract an outgoing individual. However, its best use is for you to be bolder in letting others know what you want from them. It may seem forward or pushy to you, but it's important to say what's on your mind and in your heart.

Giving to others more freely and allowing yourself to receive their love and approval in return are what this transit is all about. Of course, mistakes are sometimes made when you're taking chances. You could ruffle the feathers of a current partner or violate some personal preference of a potential new one. That's because sociable Venus is in picky Virgo and your 8th House of Deep Sharing until August 16.

Relationships could break down with an excess of criticism, yet if observations are shared with kindness and have a constructive intent, they can bring you closer to someone. Intimacy, you will see, can be created with conscious effort rather than just trusting emotions to melt barriers between people.

On August 20 the Full Moon falls in your sign, which intensifies your reactions and could make you feel hemmed in. Yet on August 22 the Sun enters your profound 8th House, reinforcing the message to take a careful look at what you have (or what you're lacking) and to put in the personal work required to fulfill your needs.

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