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Cancer Career Horoscope: August 2013

Invest in Yourself

It takes money to make money with the life-giving Sun in bold Leo and your 2nd House of Cash until August 22. This transit is about investing in yourself, whether with clothes, training, equipment, promotional material or any other expenses to enhance your sense of self-worth. It indicates the importance of taking both personal and financial risks to raise your profile and pump up your confidence.

Being creative is part of the story as well, which is about exploring new and different ways to do your job. Assertive Mars is also gently pushing you with its presence in your sign until August 27. It's possible to advance new plans and projects in a reasonable manner that won't cost you what you already have.

Connections work well on August 2, when Mars aligns favorably with socially skilled Venus. However, giant Jupiter, also in Cancer, opposes stressful Pluto on August 7 to push some buttons about safety and security. Addressing the possibility of loss is fine, as long as you don't let your emotions overtake reality. Going to extremes, both positive and negative, is tempting within five days of this major planetary pattern.

On August 20, the Full Moon in quirky Aquarius lands in your 8th House of Deep Sharing, which can attract unconventional people. But its meaning is that you may require the support of someone whose values or methods are very different than your own to fulfill your goals. Stretching yourself to explore unfamiliar people and concepts could lead to an exciting new alliance, now.

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