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Gemini Career Horoscope: August 2013

Bite Your Tongue

You should be more careful in what you say during the first week of August, with your verbal ruling planet Mercury in cautious Cancer until August 8. This is a good time to review your resources and reassess your talents. If you're not making the most of these, committing to plans to put them into action makes sense.

Then, the messenger planet strides into bold Leo and your communicative 3rd House of Information to fire up bright ideas and spur powerful conversations. Your enthusiasm can knock down barriers and open the way to new connections if you don't overdo it. Presenting your ideas with creativity and confidence is fine, as long as you avoid sounding arrogant.

Having to back up your words with facts is a challenge on August 11, when Mercury crashes into a tense square with skeptical Saturn in Scorpio. Patience and research may be required to earn the credibility you need. But hang in there if you're frustrated by delays, because on August 14 there's a brilliant trine between Mercury and ingenious Uranus that can break through the silence with unexpected ideas and messages.

But then you're due to tighten up your professional game and play it more cautiously as of August 22-23. That is when the Sun and Mercury enter efficient Virgo and your 4th House of Roots, which is better for tightening up current systems, including your personal habits, than forging ahead with a major new project. It's an ideal period for maintenance and cleaning up unfinished business to lay the foundation for your next move.

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