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Leo Career Horoscope: August 2013

Target Your Market

The power of your personality is a major asset this month. The Sun is in outgoing Leo until August 22, pumping up your 1st House of Self-Image with confidence and creativity. Unfortunately, you can't fake passion, so trying to sell something you don't believe in might be more difficult than usual. The point is to align yourself with a cause, idea or product that excites you so you can put your heart into it.

This is also a time to repair relationships, especially while sociable Venus is in refined Virgo until August 16. Take notice of details, because they can make a great deal of difference while magnetic Venus is in your 2nd House of Income. Mastering methods and technology returns as a key issue when the Sun shifts into Virgo on August 22. So, if you're going to try to sell yourself or something else, do your homework first and become an expert in the matter instead of relying on charm to get your way.

Innovation comes easily on August 4, when the Sun's harmonious trine with inventive Uranus kicks up fresh perspectives that can help to free you from restrictive situations. The August 6 Leo New Moon continues this creative theme, yet getting others on board with your concepts might not be easy.

Understanding the motivations, fears and desires of people is necessary to put your message into terms that will appeal to them. What's obviously of value to you might not be evident to individuals with their own agendas. Adapting your pitch, program and product to fit the target market makes good business sense.

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