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Pisces Career Horoscope: August 2013

Take a Chance

Being helpful comes naturally to you, and it also should get you a bit more respect and attention this month. It may be tougher for you to ask for help from others, but that's equally important now.

Alluring Venus is in practical Virgo and your 7th House of Partners until August 16, which could pull a competent and experienced individual into your professional orbit. This person might be such an expert that he or she makes you feel less capable than you are. If put-downs are part of the program, distancing yourself is a good idea. Yet if you're getting good training or expert advice, it's definitely worth paying attention to what's being said.

The energizing Sun is in your 6th House of Employment until August 22, where it challenges you to be braver and bolder on the job. A playful and creative spirit will allow you to have fun while making a strong impression. If you aren't able to express your imagination at work, taking a class or engaging in a hobby that opens your heart in playful ways will add more energy and enthusiasm to your life.

The Leo New Moon on August 6 might trigger a fresh sense of passion that, ideally, will be applied to your job. Take some chances by tackling interesting but challenging tasks rather than playing it safe and feeling bored and ignored. Just make sure to back up any moves with the commitment to stick with whatever you start. Planning and preparation will be your keys to success.

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