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Pisces Love Horoscope: August 2013

A Keen Eye for Romance

It's time to put in the effort to make a relationship better or you may have to consider looking elsewhere for personal fulfillment. The love planet Venus is in detail-oriented Virgo and your 7th House of Partners until August 16. That sharpens your judgment of others, making their flaws more obvious, but helping you to see their needs more clearly too. If you're single, this transit could attract a practical but critical person. But if you're generally respected and appreciated by this individual, working out some of the kinks in your connection will be worth the effort.

One way to find balance in romantic matters is to get more satisfaction from your work, a hobby or from serving others. The Sun is in your 6th House of Methods until August 22 where you can gain confidence by upgrading your skills, which will give you more strength and courage in intimate matters.

On August 22 the Sun moves above the horizon in your chart to enter your 7th house, providing a major boost in partnerships. Your chances of meeting interesting people increase and your ability to come across as a competent individual makes you more desirable to them. If you're already in a committed relationship, this solar shift is ideal for refining and improving it.

Working together is a must because a mutual process of commitment is what it takes to make romantic magic happen. Faith, forgiveness and fantasy are strong around August 26. This can be inspiring, but be alert to falling for an illusion or sacrificing too much in pursuit of love.

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