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Sagittarius Love Horoscope: August 2013

Risky Business

Your heart is open to new experiences during the first three weeks of August thanks to the presence of the bold Leo Sun in your 9th House of Adventure. Travel, or even just the thought of a trip, can be a powerful emotional stimulant. Just connecting with someone from another culture could be enough to heighten your enthusiasm for love. This is a romantic transit when you are more interested in the fun of the chase than settling down into a relationship.

Yet you might be getting signals that you're supposed to be responsible and practical rather than wasting your time pursuing playful pleasures. That's because the love planet Venus is in pragmatic Virgo and your 10th House of Responsibility until August 16. Her transit in this part of your chart could make you feel like your behavior is being scrutinized by the whole world. This can inhibit your chances to just have fun without having to worry about the consequences.

If you're burdened with obligations to your work or family, this pressure should begin to let up when Venus glides into graceful Libra on August 16. Her entry into your 11th House of Groups then provides social support from friends and organizations, perhaps stimulating an attraction to someone who shares your ideals.

A tendency to take romantic risks grows on August 26 and 27 when amorous Venus forms an opposition to shocking Uranus and squares excessive Jupiter. This could jumpstart an emotionally stagnant partnership, attract someone new and different or simply stir up restless feelings that spur you to take sudden risks.

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