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Scorpio Horoscope: August 2013

The Great Escape

You're inspired to get ahead professionally this month, and poised to seize the opportunity whenever it arrives. The charismatic Leo Sun visits your 10th House of Career until August 22, and is followed there by expressive Mercury on August 8-23. The creative Leo New Moon on August 6 harmoniously trines innovative Uranus in your 6th House of Work, provoking you to suddenly initiate action on your latest project.

A final boost of ambition this month comes from go-getter Mars on August 27 as he enters proud Leo and your 10th House of Professionalism. The possibilities ahead are very exciting, yet you also have some feelings of trepidation -- you don't like advancing too fast without knowing exactly where you're going.

Your fears about the future may be expanded by giant Jupiter journeying through your 9th House of Big Ideas, turning even the smallest task into a grandiose plan for world domination. One part of you realizes that it's best to proceed with caution, but another part cannot resist the temptation to make your mark professionally. Jupiter's opposition to uncompromising Pluto on August 7 drives you to reach for power and success, but also may unleash a backlash of resistance.

The individualistic Aquarius Full Moon on August 20 brightens your 4th House of Security, reminding you that building a healthy foundation at home is as important as worldly success. However, Jupiter's disruptive square to rebellious Uranus in your 6th House of Routine on August 21 leads you to act impulsively in your pursuit of freedom. Cosmic lightning strikes to wake you up, rattle your life with unexpected change, and bring thrilling new opportunities.

Keep in Mind this Month

Even if your plans are up in the air, the future is brighter than you think. Stay open to change and you'll go places you've never dreamed of.

Key Dates for Scorpio


August 4-7: Reckless Abandon

The Sun's superconductive trine to electrifying Uranus on August 4 lights up your mind with exciting ideas and original solutions to existing problems. This thrilling aspect is reactivated on August 6 when the audacious Leo New Moon in your 10th House of Career acts like a lightning rod that attracts an unexpected event or encourages radical behavior at work. You may feel like a skilled surfer, riding an enormous wave of ambition as opportunistic Jupiter opposes powerful Pluto on August 7. Instead of seeking attention by showing off, control your ego and just do your job to the best of your ability. Success can be yours if you don't become arrogant or expect everything to just fall your way.

August 20-22: Bundle of Nerves

You might long for the peace of quieter days if the intellectual Aquarius Full Moon's erratic energy on August 20 has you running around like a hamster on a spinning wheel. The Moon's opposition to high-strung Mercury makes it difficult to stop your thoughts. Fortunately, you could receive an epiphany that opens up an entirely new approach to a current problem when philosophical Jupiter squares radical Uranus on August 21. But you still have details to iron-out, and Mercury's challenging aspects to Jupiter and Uranus on August 22 act like several cups of coffee, speeding up your mental processing.

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