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Scorpio Career Horoscope: August 2013

Changing Course

You are due for some powerful insights this month that can alter the course of your professional life. Expansive Jupiter, the planet of vision and wisdom, opposes your modern ruling planet Pluto on August 7, and can play a key role during the first half of the month.

Buried issues, both positive and negative, can come to the surface. If it's about an unexpressed desire or old interest that's been hidden away, this can provide you with inspiration to take your work in a radically new direction. But this major transit can also dramatize difficult issues such as discontent with your job and mistrust of others, especially those in positions of authority.

Revealing these intense emotions publicly is probably not appropriate unless you're able to share them in a calm and logical way. Yet denying your desires and disappointments is not recommended either. Finding a safe setting to air out your feelings now can clear the way for professional progress in the future.

It's easy to over-react to a pushy boss or a person who brags, though, when verbal Mercury bolts into brash Leo on August 8. The upside of this two-week transit will be your capacity to communicate with greater creativity and confidence. Just make sure you have the facts and the commitment needed to back up any statements you make.

Teamwork becomes more significant when the Sun enters your 11th House of Groups on August 22. Do your best to keep personality issues out of the picture while you focus on cooperating to manage complex tasks.

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