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Taurus Love Horoscope: August 2013

Work Romance

Magnetic Venus, your attractive ruling planet, puts you in a good position for romance during the first half of August. She's in discreet Virgo, which is sometimes considered shy, but is in your 5th House of Romance, a place for pleasure. Making yourself more visible to meet new people or taking a more creative role in your current relationship are ways to put more love into your life. The trick is to be specific about what you want and what you want to do without becoming so narrow-minded that you can't have fun when plans don't go exactly as expected.

August 2 could be a sweet spot when Venus aligns favorably with passionate Mars. An intimate conversation meant to deal with delicate matters can turn out to be easier and more rewarding than you imagined. Speak privately and gently, but do talk about what's in your heart then.

Venus moves into your 6th House of Work and Service on August 16, creating opportunities to meet someone on the job. But playtime is far from over with the energizing Sun entering your romantic 5th house on August 22 to give your social life another boost.

Mental Mercury enters this part of your chart on the following day to back up enthusiasm with intelligence that can make you very impressive to others. Still, Venus runs into hard connections with intense Pluto on August 24and erratic Uranus on August 26 that are more likely to stir things up than to settle them down. Avoid going to extremes then unless you've been planning on making a bold move for quite some time.

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