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Virgo Horoscope: August 2013

The Show Must Go On

This month of exciting opportunities comes when you're ready to push hard for success -- and it's appropriate to establish new behaviors that help you to realize your dreams. Just don't waste your energy filling in too many details of your action plan; there will be many surprising twists and turns along the way. Being flexible may be as important now as being prepared.

Overblown Jupiter, moving through your 11th House of Long-Term Goals, is a significant player as it opposes scheming Pluto on August 7 and squares radical Uranus on August 21. You may feel as if Easy Street is just around the next corner, tempting you to take a shortcut and make a mad dash for the finish line. Unfortunately, this is not a wise strategy -- opposing forces may be stronger than you realize. Proceed with caution instead of trying to take advantage of every situation and force progress before its time.

Meanwhile, you're torn between expression and silence. The Sun is shining in dramatic Leo until August 22, urging you to share what's in your heart. However, the showy Leo Sun is hiding out in your 12th House of Privacy, so your shyness or humility could make you reluctant to say what you feel.

You may worry about what others think of you or feel nervous about speaking in front of a group on August 6, when the theatrical Leo New Moon activates your 12th House of Privacy. The eccentric Aquarius Full Moon on August 20 illuminates your 6th House of Self-Improvement, opening your mind to new ways of handling your daily routine.

Keep in Mind this Month

When you make decisions by rationally eliminating unrealistic choices, you limit your options. Instead, try entertaining each possibility on its own merits as it appears.

Key Dates for Virgo

August 7: Top Dog

You want to push the envelope with your big ideas now that giant Jupiter in your 11th House of Goals opposes powerful Pluto. You may feel ten feet tall and bulletproof with a strong desire to control other people -- or at least strongly influence them. But if you are too forceful today, some unexpected consequences will soon need your attention.


August 20-23: Anything Goes

You're sure that you can achieve unrealistic goals if you just make enough plans on August 20, when the radical Aquarius Full Moon highlights your 6th House of Details. The next day, though, a jolting Jupiter-Uranus square blasts open a window of opportunity that suddenly reveals a variety of new options. On August 22, witty Mercury aligns with Jupiter and Uranus, sparking even more creative thoughts, so take the time to write down your inspirations before they fade. Thankfully, the Sun enters methodical Virgo on August 22, followed by Mercury on August 23, enabling you to put your best ideas to practical use.

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