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Virgo Career Horoscope: August 2013

Take the Initiative

Two favorable transits can improve your professional situation this month. Venus, the symbol of love and approval, is in Virgo until August 16. The presence of this appealing planet in your 1st House of Personality demonstrates your social skills and ability to stay charming under pressure. Noting areas where self-improvement is needed, especially when it comes to how you present yourself, is useful if you're not overly critical and take specific steps to upgrade the situation.

Venus' positive alignment with assertive Mars on August 2 allows you to take the initiative with people and projects in a gracious manner that others will appreciate. Your brainy ruling planet Mercury rubs against stern Saturn with a stressful square on August 11 that may block or delay communication. But if you've done your homework, have all the necessary facts and are clear in expressing them, you will come across as knowledgeable and competent.

Mental Mercury trines innovative Uranus on August 14, inspiring original thinking and unexpected solutions to problems. On August 22-23, the Sun and Mercury enter Virgo, pumping up self-awareness and confidence. While your perceptions of yourself are especially sharp, it's worth noting that others are unlikely to see you with the same clarity.

If you're tired of your current working situation, these transits encourage you to consider a different professional direction. Starting your own business is possible, or if you already have one, adding new services and products makes sense. Just don't push too hard on August 25-26, when your imagination may get a step or two ahead of reality.

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