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Virgo Love Horoscope: August 2013

Your Time to Shine

You have two positive planetary patterns that support your love life this month. August begins with amorous Venus in your discreet sign, which helps you to appreciate yourself. This isn't about becoming stuck up but is simply a boost to your self-esteem in recognition of the gifts, beauty and grace you already have. But if you feel like you're falling short in some area, being kinder to yourself is a more effective way to improve than becoming overly critical. Small improvements in appearance and attitude can produce major benefits in relationships.

Alluring Venus leaves Virgo on August 16 but you won't have to wait long for another push in a positive direction. The heart-centered Sun enters Virgo and your 1st House of Personality on August 22, which begins a 30-day period when you get to shine. Be proud of yourself and what you've already accomplished in life. Even if you fall short of some of your expectations, taking note of past successes of any kind will do more for you than focusing on faults.

Romance and fantasy play a big part in personal matters when your ruling planet Mercury and the Sun oppose imaginative Neptune on August 25 and 26. You might attract a compelling but unrealistic individual or conjure up illusions about someone. The point is to find romantic inspiration that opens your heart and mind without going overboard.

Gently take in the positive feelings you experience while maintaining just the slightest bit of emotional caution. Rescuing someone shows how compassionate you are but you will need a strong partner to ensure a lasting relationship.

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