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August 2014 Career Horoscope

Taking chances

During the first three weeks of August, the focus is on passion, action and creativity. Fortunate Jupiter entered bold Leo last month, and the Sun's presence in this entrepreneurial and risk-taking sign until August 23 encourage us to take chances professionally.

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A spirit of joy and playfulness will make any job more fun, and it also supplies a sense of ease and self-confidence that's useful for making more powerful presentations. The innovative tendencies of the Aquarius Full Moon on August 10 are somewhat restrained by the presence of serious Saturn in Scorpio. The ringed planet of caution and responsibility's challenging squares to the Sun and Moon at that time can feel frustrating for people in a hurry. Great things in a career will happen when we aren't rushed.

August is also the first full month of active Mars in persistent and powerful Scorpio, which supplies tenacity and the capacity to make tough choices on the road to success. Overdoing things is possible on August 1, when Mars squares excessive Jupiter. If promises made cannot be fulfilled, consequences should be clear on August 25, when Mars joins stern Saturn.

Minds operate with greater efficiency as cerebral Mercury enters analytical Virgo on August 15. This practical trend continues with the Sun in Virgo on August 23. Attention to details and understanding complicated systems work well with these transits. The New Moon in this sign on August 25 is a time of commitment, which is excellent for learning. However, ideals or inspiration are the fuel needed to drive constructive efforts.

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