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Aries Horoscope: August 2014

All work and no play...

Expect a serious shift in your social life near the Full Moon on August 10. You might become more aware of circumstances that restrain your role in a group. Perhaps you're asked to take on a more serious position that requires less play and more authority. You'll be honored but also torn. Do you really want to be the one in charge? Consider the implications carefully, and don't commit unless you decide it's important for you to grow within this organization.

Another possibility is that a friend will need your emotional support. He or she may go through a rough patch, and if so you'll feel the weight of your pal's world on your shoulders. Fortunately, you'll be up to the task. One thing is certain: You'll have striking clarity about who your friends really are with this lunation.

On August 12, and until September 5, love planet Venus will be in your romance sector. She'll be in good company because expansive Jupiter entered this part of your chart last month. In fact, they'll embrace on August 18, which should bring a brilliant dose of affirmative energy into your love life or with a creative endeavor. You'll feel happy and carefree, which can only help attract positive circumstances your way. August 25 will be another stellar day for romance, joy and pleasure, thanks to Venus making a perfect trine to Uranus in your sign.

Enjoy the good times, Aries, because after August 25 you'll suddenly feel the urge to sharpen pencils, hit the books or get back on track with assignments. A New Moon in your work and health sector will support your initiation of a wellness program. What will it take to ensure a better you in the mind/body department? Also, if you're looking for a new job, this lunation will help you secure one. Interview!

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