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Aries Career Horoscope for August 2014

Cut your losses

Intensity is an ally this month when it's applied to make your work life more creative. The Sun's presence in outgoing Leo occupies your 5th House of Self-Expression until August 23. This emboldens you to speak more openly and to take chances on the job. If you're unfulfilled in your current situation, this is your signal to consider a change of course. Starting your own business or initiating a bold new project in your current situation are good ways to tap into the strong feelings that are motivating you now. But it's important to follow up your ideas with patience and commitment.

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Mars, your energetic ruling planet, is in intense Scorpio, where pushing yourself beyond the limits of your normal capacity is appropriate. Sure, you might rub colleagues the wrong way if they're unwilling to be as deeply engaged in work as you. However, if you need to ruffle some feathers to get support, it's worthwhile as long as you follow up on your commitments. Financial, physical and emotional assistance from others can make the difference between spinning your wheels in frustration or finding the traction to get a major project off the ground.

Attention to detail grows more important when mental Mercury enters systematic Virgo on August 15. The life-giving Sun's passage into this sign on August 23 reinforces the message that mastering the small stuff is a critical step toward making big things happen. Mars joins Saturn at the New Moon on August 25, marking a time of commitment that might involve cutting your losses or recalibrating your plans before taking the next major step.

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