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Cancer Love Horoscope for August 2014

You've got this

With sexy Mars continuing to move through your true love sector this month, there will be no shortage of opportunity to grab hold of what you want in matters of the heart. On August 7, you and your lover might open up to making a mutual sexual fantasy come true! Then, on August 15, you'll feel that love truly can conquer all. You and your partner might work toward -- and achieve -- an impossible goal together. This will require tenacity, plus inner and outer strength. Whatever the details, it'll be clear that together "you've got this."

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If you've felt stuck in your love life, not sure about whether to continue on the path with someone special or cut ties, August 25-27 will become most important. First, on August 25, you'll make a decision about this once and for all. Once you do, you'll follow through -- no matter how difficult it may be. The good news is that once you make this choice, you'll notice how quickly the weight of it all falls off you. In fact, just the ability to make a decision and stick to it will open up new doors you didn't even see before.

On August 26-27, you might feel as if you can't get what you want out of love. This might be the case, whether you're single or attached, and it may cause quite a bit of frustration. Make the commitment to see these days for what they are -- a test in your resolve to love yourself enough to create the proper boundaries in a romantic relationship.

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