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Capricorn Love Horoscope for August 2014

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When love planet Venus enters your 8th House of Sex and Intimacy on August 12, you can anticipate enhanced erotic enjoyment between you and your lover that will last well through early September.

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Jupiter is already in your 8th house, expanding the desire you have to achieve body and soul connections with someone special. Now, with Venus joining in, you'll need to have an emotional bond with the person you share your bed with, too. There is simply no room for a casual love affair with this much abundant energy focused on true closeness.

Lucky for you, it'll be easy to foster such a bond with your partner. In fact, on August 18, you might have a breakthrough where (perhaps for the very first time) you've achieved the kind of transcendental love that you only thought was possible in movies or books.

Later in the month, near August 26-27, be aware of the potential for one of your friends to display outright jealousy over your romantic bliss. In certain cases, this pal might even try to sabotage your joy -- or your relationship! Perhaps he or she has feelings for you that ran much deeper than friendship. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear you'll reciprocate the attraction. If something this dramatic transpires, you might have to end your friendship with this person altogether.

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