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Gemini Love Horoscope for August 2014

Happy happy, joy joy

Your ability to think big about romance will be strong this month. What you'll notice is that an optimistic, confident outlook and mindset has the power to attract more romantic opportunities your way. The minute you give in to less-than-positive thoughts about love, however, it might feel like you've hit a wall. Do yourself a favor and don't even go there. This should be a time of absolute joy when it comes to thinking about or communicating with someone special.

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On August 12, love planet Venus will enter your message sector, where she remains until September 5. While Venus is in this part of your chart you'll enjoy a special ability to speak freely about what and who you love, without worrying so much about rejection.

Now is the time to write that love letter, declare your love for someone for the first time, or simply enjoy more pleasant dialogue with your partner. Jupiter is also in this part of your chart, adding to the goodness. On August 18, there might be a very romantic message in store for you!

Then, on August 25, you can anticipate being the life of any party you're invited to. If single, this will be a great time to schedule a first meeting with someone you're interested in. You'll enjoy the conversation and company! The only days that might sour your outlook on love will happen on August 26-27. Things may tense up at the office and temporarily dampen your spirits. Don't allow it to linger!

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