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Leo Horoscope: August 2014

Live out loud

You might feel more emotional than usual with your spouse or partner, thanks to a weighty Full Moon in your relationship sector on August 10. Because this lunation will square off to Saturn, there might be serious feelings happening between you and your mate that require honest conversations. Most likely, domestic needs or a family situation will trigger feelings of insecurity in one or both of you. Move through this together so it doesn't drive a wedge between you.

Once Venus moves into your sign on August 12, you'll feel even more of an urge to live your life out loud. Jupiter already moved into Leo last month, and now, with Venus joining the party, it really is time to celebrate! What are you celebrating? YOU! This is your time to shine like never before, and you can be sure that others are noticing your expansive confidence and the inner and outer beauty you easily display. Venus will boost your magnetism until September 5. Use it well.

By month's end, a New Moon on August 25 can help you put all of this extra confidence to use in a practical way that allows you to earn more money. A new revenue stream may open up, but it'll require you to roll up your sleeves and work. This won't be a problem as long as this work contributes to your joy, but if things become too tedious it may be tricky to focus on for very long.

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