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Leo Career Horoscope for August 2014

Take the spotlight

August is your month to shine, with the creative and confidence-building Sun in your outgoing sign until August 23. This vitalizing force in your 1st House of Personality is a signal to be bolder in expressing yourself, and to take the initiative in professional relationships. Getting attention should come more easily now, but there's no benefit to being in the spotlight if you can't perform at a very high level.

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Active Mars in Scorpio is scuttling through the 4th House of Home and Family at the bottom of your chart, which can stir up emotional issues at home or from the past. The benefit of this transit, though, is to help you intensify your efforts, purge what you no longer need, and concentrate on one critical task at a time. Be particular about the challenges you take on, because spreading yourself too thin will undercut your credibility.

Taking the inspiration of the Sun in your sign and drilling down to the details and specific steps to make it real becomes critical midway through the month. Mental Mercury shifts into precise Virgo on August 15, helping you narrow focus.

On August 23, the Sun makes the same move, which occurs in your 2nd House of Resources. Developing a specialized skill could be the key to increasing your worth. In fact, even if you're good at something, this is an opportunity to become even better at it. Take whatever time you can to upgrade your abilities or consider investing time, energy and money in developing new talents.

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