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Leo Love Horoscope for August 2014

Like bees to honey

This month, you'll continue to enjoy summer lovin' potential in full bloom! You already have lucky Jupiter on your side, opening you up to amazing opportunities in every area of your life. This month, on August 12, Venus will also enter your sign, promising to enhance your powers of attraction until September 5. With Venus in Leo, you'll be even more radiant than usual. In fact, whether or not you're looking for love, expect others to be drawn to you the way bees are to honey.

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This will be an ideal time to do something to enhance your physical appearance. Whether it's a new hairstyle, updated wardrobe, or even a bit of nip and tuck, it's your time to do whatever makes you feel beautiful on the inside and out.

If you're in a committed partnership, the Full Moon on August 10 might bring relationship matters into sharp focus. A serious domestic situation between you and your mate may require your attention. This could be weighty, so be sure to do what you can to accommodate your partner now. The good news is that you'll feel as if you can rely on each other no matter what. You can.

Venus and Jupiter will embrace in your sign on August 18, offering a five-star day of blessings and romantic potential. You might overindulge in some way, or be in the mood to spoil your lover silly. Go ahead -- you always get more joy out of giving anyway.

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