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Libra Horoscope: August 2014

Picking up speed

An emotionally-charged situation between you and your lover or one of your children might need to be resolved near August 10. This may involve you feeling unappreciated or even used for your resources. While it's true that with children we must always give more than we take, at the same time there is no reason to encourage your kids to take advantage of you, or to feel entitled to drain you financially or in other ways. Depending on their age, an appropriate conversation may be in order. If this is a lover who is making you feel this way, you'll certainly need to declare boundaries.

Another possibility near August 10 is that you'll complete a creative project and it will finally be ready for its great reveal. Ask yourself why you're feeling so insecure about it. If you've worked on it with all your heart and it brings you joy, that's all that matters.

After August 12, and until September 5, there might be an interesting shift in your love life if you're single. Romantic prospects are likely to arrive in a flurry -- even if you've encountered a long dry spell. It seems as if your social life will pick up speed, which will allow more opportunity for you to meet someone special. In addition to this, however, you might decide to accept a friend's invitation to set you up with someone, or you may even entertain the idea of taking a friendship you have to a more romantic level.

A New Moon on August 25 will ignite your compassionate side. You might begin a charitable project that's more behind-the-scenes but has a significant effect on healing others. You won't need any credit for it; this will be humble service at its best.

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