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Libra Career Horoscope for August 2014

Risky business

This is your time to shine as part of a group. The energetic Leo Sun lights up your 11th House of Organizations until August 23, providing you with opportunities to demonstrate your passion and leadership. Enthusiasm is a must in this Fire sign because you can fly with faith, but you could crash if doubt weighs too heavily on you. Although you need to deal with reality, this powerful transit signals your ability to visualize more rewarding ways to make a living.

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Putting extra creativity into your current job is one way to go, but your potential returns are greatest when you're in an exciting situation. If you find yourself dealing with egocentric colleagues, the message is not to put them down, but to build yourself up. Expecting more professionally requires that you take some risks rather than playing it safe.

Your ruling planet Venus is in cautious Cancer until August 12, which can tempt you to be overly protective of your position. But then the love planet's switch into entrepreneurial Leo should help you find the courage to behave more boldly. Research and perhaps backtracking to tie up loose ends, makes sense when logical Mercury enters precise Virgo and your secretive 12th House of Privacy on the 15th.

The Sun makes the same move on August 23, reinforcing the importance of taking care of details in a quiet and discreet manner. Even if you feel like Cinderella, unrecognized for handling tough tasks, working toward a higher standard of excellence now will put you in a stronger position in a month.

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