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Pisces Career Horoscope for August 2014

Whatever it takes

Acting more confident than you feel will be helpful to you at work this month. August begins with the Sun in bold Leo and your 6th House of Employment, where expressing your creativity and using the power of your personality will serve your career. There's a need to fill your heart with what you do for a living, and change is needed if that's missing in your job. It might be as simple as finding ways to be more positive about what you do, or treating it like a game. But it's also possible that if you're feeling stifled professionally, taking risks in pursuit of fulfillment will be necessary. The formula is simple: The more joy you put into your work, the more pleasure you'll get from it.

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Relationships with colleagues may become an issue with the Capricorn Full Moon on the August 10 that lands in your 11th House of Groups. You could be dealing with a controlling person or be totally bored by what the team is trying to accomplish. First, it helps a great deal if you believe in the cause. When you have faith that what you're doing is worthwhile, you will find the passion and persistence to overcome obstacles.

This lunation could also spur your ambition, though, inspiring you to aim higher in your career. Education and experience may show up as concerns around August 25, when active Mars joins restrictive Saturn. Dig deeply to find the resources to invest in additional training if that's what it takes to get ahead.

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