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Pisces Love Horoscope for August 2014

Go for it!

If you're single, it's possible that an office romance is in the air. On August 12, love planet Venus will enter your work sector. Until September 5, there are definitely positive vibes in your work environment that will amp up any already existing attraction between you and a colleague. Another possibility is that someone new will join your team and there will be an instant connection. The chemistry might be impossible to ignore by August 18, when Venus embraces Jupiter, expanding romantic feelings. Go for it!

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If you're in a partnership, there might be extra confusion by month's end and you'll need to be as honest as possible to avoid making your mate feel duped. On August 25, a New Moon will fall in your 7th House of Commitment. This suggests the potential for an exclusive relationship to form if you and someone special have been dating casually. The rub in all of this, however, is Neptune.

On August 25, Neptune will oppose Mercury, adding plenty of confusion and mixed signals in communication. Then, on August 29, he'll oppose the Sun in your relationship sector. You'll wonder if you're making the right decision about going into a relationship. If you're already attached, you might feel the need to withhold information from your partner. Don't! You'll only regret it. Use this heavy Neptunian energy to explore spiritual connections with your soul mate. Leave the heavy conversations for another time though. Decisions made at month's end are likely to be ones you always second-guess.

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