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Scorpio Career Horoscope for August 2014

Step up to the challenge

You could find yourself in the spotlight during the first three weeks of August. That's because the Sun is in bold Leo and your 10th House of Career until August 23. While you may be tempted to hide in the shadows, it's wiser to step up and take on the responsibilities that are coming your way. If your work life is stagnant, this solar transit is meant to spur your creativity and juice up your personality. Taking risks in your current position or as a first step toward another professional opportunity makes sense.

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You may feel a small shift on August 15, when intellectual Mercury leaves brassy Leo (sign of big dreams and bold promises) and enters pragmatic Virgo. While you could encounter picky allies, this is a time when more precise thinking can make you a more valued member of a team. The Aquarius Full Moon on August 10 lands in your 4th House of Home and Family, which could stir up some issues there. Serious Saturn's tense square to this Sun-Moon opposition indicates that if you don't have a solid plan and the patience to commit to it, you're better of avoiding new challenges in your private or public life.

The solar shift into efficient Virgo on August 23 occurs in your 11th House of Teamwork, requiring a greater degree of attention to detail when you're part of a group. But your biggest test may come on August 25, when edgy Mars and strict Saturn join up in your sign. Self-control and almost infinite patience are essential under stressful conditions.

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