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Scorpio Love Horoscope for August 2014

I got you, babe

Your partner may have a stronger influence on your professional life this month. On August 12, Venus, the ruler of your relationship sector, will enter your 10th House of Career, where she'll remain until September 5. While this transit suggests beneficial opportunities coming your way in career (a major breakthrough on August 18, in fact!), it also tells the story of how much your partner is rooting for your success these days.

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Don't underestimate the power of your love standing behind you as you take advantage of the brilliant career prospects you'll have this month. Not only will you feel validated and loved, but it'll also make your heart smile to know how proud of you your spouse or partner truly is.

If you're dating someone new, communication lines might be crossed near August 18. Be careful not to take what your lover says literally on this day, and don't make any major decisions about your love life, if possible.

Mercury will be at a hazy opposition to Neptune, and with Mercury situated in your romance sector it's possible you will feel more confused about your lover than usual. In certain cases this energy may reveal that your lover has been dishonest in some way ... but don't dwell on this possibility. If there has been a lie it will surely come out.

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