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Taurus Love Horoscope for August 2014

Cloud Nine

On August 7, you and your partner might enjoy an especially romantic social gathering. There's the potential for you to attend an art or music event, or even a glamorous gala that leaves the both of you feeling as if you're walking on Cloud Nine. What will make it even more enchanting is the fact that you get to enjoy the fun with your arms locked around your mate.

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Then, on August 15, you'll feel motivated to pursue an even more potent connection with one another. There might be an opportunity to travel, attend a workshop, or sign up for a class that encourages the two of you to meld on a more intellectual and philosophical level. Be sure to take advantage of it! Not only will it deepen your bond, but the act of pursuing this together might even be something of an aphrodisiac.

Are you single? Mercury will be in your romance sector from August 15 until September 2. Thoughts will turn toward matters of the heart, and you'll be thinking about ways to get what you want in love. The news gets even more encouraging after August 25, when a New Moon falls in the same part of your chart. Put yourself out there, because the prospects to begin dating someone new are especially powerful in the days following this lunation.

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