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Virgo Horoscope: August 2014

Let it go

There might be an uncomfortable conversation between you and a coworker or someone you employ near August 10. This situation will likely trigger emotions in both of you, and it will need to be handled delicately. If you're a business owner, it's possible someone who works for you isn't doing his or her job as expected. You might have given this person several opportunities to make things right, but if that hasn't happened it might be time to let this person go. That decision will not be easy on your part, but it may be necessary.

If you're not self-employed but work at an office, a similar situation may occur with one of your colleagues. He or she might be fired or decide to leave. Alternatively, it's possible you'll finish up a major project that has been quite draining.

On August 12, and until September 5, you might crave extra privacy when it comes to your love life. Perhaps you and your sweetheart need more time alone from the chaos of the world. Consider a couples spa retreat. You might also explore options to expand your spiritual side together. This can be done through taking a yoga or mediation class together, or making an effort to connect spiritually rather than exclusively physically. Your relationship will grow when you realize that your souls -- not just your bodies -- are connected.

A New Moon in your sign on August 25 will bring an exciting opportunity for a personal fresh start. What are you thinking about initiating? Think carefully and act within 10 days of this lunation for the greatest support in bringing it to fruition. You might also make a new change to your physical appearance during this time. Nothing dramatic, but it'll be enough to make you feel brand new.

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