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August 2015 Love Horoscope

Romance in retrograde

Matters of the heart will be top priority for just about everyone this month. That's because love planet Venus will continue to travel retrograde in Leo (until September 6). As a result, you can expect to continue the process of revising what you need in relationship in order to feel special and maximize your joy. This will also be a month to start making changes in order to achieve exactly what will bring you the most pleasure.

Although Venus will be retrograde and you might not be able to get everything you want in love, Mars will enter Leo (the same sign as Venus) on August 8. He'll remain there until September 24, allowing you to move towards what makes you happiest in life and love. A bright New Moon on August 14 in Leo, will add even more potential to the mix. During the second half of August, you'll want to plant seeds in your garden of love and water them diligently. With all of this incredible energy at work for you, next month something magical is sure to bloom.