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Aries Horoscope: August 2015

Your creative drive

Your main focus this month continues to revolve around your creative drive, one of your children, and/or matters of the heart. With Venus still retrograde, in the area of your chart ruling these areas (the 5th house), there's no doubt that the universe wants you to take a giant step forward to get it right. In some cases, this will have more to do with overcoming a fear of taking a gamble in one of these areas. When was the last time you risked falling in love? Are you on the fence about having a child? Is there a creative endeavor you've always wanted to pursue but haven't due to your own insecurity? These are valid questions to ask yourself this month and at least one of them will likely resonate.

If you're in a relationship it's possible that you're struggling with the pleasure this romance is giving you. Your ruling planet, Mars, enters your 5th house on the 8th and until September 24, you'll feel extra motivated to assert your right to party and enjoy a healthy sex life. If pleasure has been lacking in your world, it's definitely time for a change! The New Moon on August 14 will certainly help you achieve this.

Interestingly enough after August 11, expansive Jupiter will leave your 5th house and move onto your 6th House of Work, Routine and Health. For the first time in twelve years you'll enjoy an incredible boost in all work related matters. If you're looking to find a second job, make a job transition or do more freelance work, then you can expect the floodgates to open. In fact, you might have so much work over the next year that you have to refuse some assignments. What an enviable position to be in!

If you own your own business it's possible that it'll grow so much over the next year that you must hire extra staff. Luckily, with Jupiter here, whomever you bring on board will be a great fit to the existing team.

Finally, with Jupiter touring your 6th house until next September, you can expect plenty of support and help if there's any medical situation you need to attend to. Health care providers are truly looking out for you now!

A decision between you and your partner will be easier to make if you wait until after August 27. If you have any negotiation to do in business with a partner or client, try to wait until the end of the month as well. Communication planet Mercury, will move into your relationship sector allowing phenomenal give and take in the mental department.

Need a vacation? Get away from it all the weekend of August 29. A Full Moon in your 12th House of Escape will leave you feeling that you must retreat and recharge. You deserve it.