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Cancer Horoscope: August 2015

An attractive offer

Consider this a month to get your finances in order once and for all. There has been a great deal of activity for you connected to money matters over the last few weeks. The Universe has given you ample opportunity to cultivate your talents and consider whether or not it's time to pursue a new avenue to earn income. As a result, you might have spent time in a training course or brushing up on skills that you already possess but haven't utilized in some time. This month, whatever effort you put into making yourself as marketable as possible might begin to come together. Although you'll continue to feel as if it's a one step forward, two steps back kind of situation, at the same time you know you're closing in on real progress.

You'll have plenty of ambition to help you go after the money you want to make after the 8th. Then, after the 14th, a real opportunity might surface -- one that you can actually sink your teeth into and get excited about. Expect continued developments with this on August 19. You might even receive an attractive offer near this time that you simply can't pass up. If you are not looking to change fields, it's possible that your current boss might come through on a raise that was promised to you but never delivered.

After August 11, you'll begin a phase that keeps you mentally busy until next September, thanks to Jupiter entering your 3rd House of Communication. You might notice that you're traveling more -- either for short business trips, pleasurable mini vacations or possibly a longer commute to work. Fortunately, you'll enjoy the travel time.

It's also likely that your communications skills will flourish. You might have an opportunity to take more classes on a topic that interests you, or you might be the one asked to teach. If you're in the writing or sales industry you can expect plenty of happy developments. Thinking about writing the next great American novel? Now is the time to start!